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I got tagged by watashi-no-youkai

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1) Three things you’d bring with you to a desert island? : 
uhh…infinity amounts of food, manga and tools/weapons.

2) What sort of wedding do you want? *w* :
Don’t really plan to get married ~ but a beach wedding sounds pree cool. 

3) Last anime you’ve watched : 
Last anime watched - Fairy Tail
Last anime finished watching - Mirai Nikki

4) Stuck with one person for eternity, who? : 
NO ONE! D: But if I had to choose then ahh… err…my best friend? 

5) Do you take a lot ot selfies? : 
Haha yeah. 

6) What age did you get your own mobile phone? : 
Around 10? 

7) Favourite colour? : 
Changes all the time but it’s either red or purple O.O 

8) Last person you talked to :
My dad. 

9) Facebook? :
yah here. 

10) Short or long hair :
I have long hair. 

11) Play any instruments? 
Yeah taught myself piano, lil bit of guitar, use to play recorder and treble.

My Questions -

1) Pocky or Hello Panda?

2) Korea or Japan?

3) 1 weapon you would choose for a zombie apocalypse: 

4) Anime or Manga?

5) Favourite video game?

6) Game consoles that you own/would like to own:

7) Download anime or watch online?

8) Dubbed or subbed anime? [judging you on this one lol]

9) Favourite asian food?

10) Err….FC-ILF (Fictional Character - I like to f**k)  

11) Favourite childhood toy or current favourite toy/figurine:













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